It was a hectic day for the volunteers at Australian farm sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, when they received a call from a concerned individual regarding a tiny kitten two had been trapped between two metal sheds. The little tortoiseshell kitten’s loud and piteous cries for help alerted to the caller to her presence, and she immediately sprung into action.  Due to the intense heat of the Australian December, rescuers knew that they had to act fast in order to secure the kitten’s chances at survival.

The hearts of the rescuers were broken when they arrived on the scene and heard no tiny mews for help. Peering between the sheds, they saw a tiny, lifeless ball of fur and feared that they had arrived too late.

But then, the kitten gave a loud, pitiful mew for help. It was a miracle that she had survived being trapped between the sheds.

The only way to save the kitten would be to disassemble the metal sheds. It took many painstaking hours of labor in the intense heat, but finally, she was freed.

Dehydrated and malnourished, but alive, the kitten was wrapped in a towel and swooped off to her new life at Edgar’s Mission.

Once at the sanctuary, the kitten, which they named Tinsel, received immediate veterinary care from dedicated staff.

It’s truly a miracle that she survived.



Tinsel was saved thanks to the quick thinking of the human her found her. If you ever come across a trapped kitten, or any trapped or injured animal, please place a call to the appropriate animal rescue hotline immediately.

See the video of the full rescue here:

All image source: Edgar’s Mission