When you have a bad dream, don’t you just want to cuddle up with someone to make you feel warm and safe?

When Scooby Doo, the Great Dane puppy, seems to have hit a rough patch in dream world, his brother, Pretty Boy, comes in to save the day! At the sound of Scooby’s cute little whines and yips, Pretty Boy drags himself as fast as he can to his brother’s napping place. He then crawls on top of him, and falls back asleep. No more bad dreams tonight for this pooch!


Dogs seem to be pretty good at picking up on the emotions and feelings of other animals. For instance, this puppy pulls a Pretty Boy and helps comfort an older dog when his bad dreams are a little too scary. Also, it has been debated whether or not dogs are empathetic.

In the end, dogs can detect a lot of things, and while it is unclear whether their comforting actions have purpose, we can definitely say that you won’t have any bad dreams with a loyal pooch around.