Most animal rescuers have experienced saving animals from unexpected and difficult places, it all comes with the territory! This time, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC carried out the challenging rescue mission of saving a mama dog and her puppies who were stuck in a drainage sewer – but it is not over yet.

During initial attempts at getting the babies out of the trap, the drains started flooding with rainwater. The situation was dire – after the heavy rain started, the puppies began floating out with their heads barely above ground. Meanwhile, their mom was panicking in the woods, unable to help them. One of the puppies floated out upside down and was rushed for CPR, but, sadly, it was too late to help him.

At first, the rescue team managed to save three puppies and took them and their mom to the center where they all received care. Upon another try, the team rescued four more puppies, leaving two more still stuck in the sewer.

Time was not on the rescuers’ side during the rescue – the remaining puppies had to be taken out of the sewer before the drain flushed them out. With the sky darkening and the rain coming again, the rescuers did everything to save the dogs in time.

The team was successful in rescuing eight alive puppies and is still waiting for the last baby to come out of the drain…



The clock is ticking, but the rescuers will not give up on the last puppy. Thanks to this wonderful rescue mission, eight little puppies and their mom are now safe – but they are in a desperate need of a temporary three-week foster home. The rescue also calls for donations for the lucky bunch – you can donate to help the family through their website.

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook