Do you love playing Angry Birds? Do you love protecting animals from being poached into extinction? Well, if you love BOTH of these things then Prince William has news for you! Thanks to a partnership between United for Wildlife and Angry Birds, the “Angry Birds Roll With Friends” tournament has been launched to help raise awareness for the world’s most highly poached animal, the pangolin.

In the past 10 years, nearly one million pangolins have been taken from the wild and poached for their scales and meat. As Prince William explains, most people do not even know the pangolin exists – let alone that it is a critically endangered species. Hundreds of thousands of animals fall prey to the illegal wildlife trade every year. The elephant and rhino are known for being the target of poachers, but the pangolin’s plight goes largely overlooked.

You can join Prince William in helping to save the pangolin by joining the Angry Birds tournament. Who doesn’t love having fun and saving animals? Click here to play!