Thanks to irresponsible breeders and neglectful animal guardians, 9,000 animals are killed in shelters across the U.S. every single day, with 5,500 of them being dogs. That amounts to nearly 3.3 million deaths each year. Many of these animals are healthy and well-behaved, but due to lack of space, resources, and caretakers, these innocent lives are tragically cut short.

In the above video, we see the reaction of a lovable dog named Boba Fett who was rescued from “death row” at a New York City shelter by a foster caretaker affiliated with the rescue organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, the excited dog cannot stop jumping on his foster dad’s lap and giving him tons of kisses — way too sweet!


As we can see from this video, fostering truly saves lives, and the animals are eternally grateful to their foster parents. Fostering not only saves innocent lives and provides valuable one-on-one time to abandoned animals, but it also clears up space at shelters and makes room for more animals to be taken in. Interested in fostering? Check this out for tips on how to be a good foster parent.

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