Yes, it’s happened again. Our obsession with capturing ourselves on camera with animals has lead to the complete lack of respect for the life of another. A loggerhead turtle who happened to swim too close to shore, recently had the misfortune of being pulled from the ocean and literally thrown onto the sand by a beachgoer. As the turtle laid motionless, most likely too shocked to react to the dangerous situation it had just been forced into, tourists flocked all around it for the opportunity to nab a photo.

As you can see in the photo below, one beachgoer made their child stand on the back of the turtle’s shell for the sake of a picture. Not only was this poor creature dragged out of the safety of his home, he was also reportedly beaten by some beach-goers after the initial round of forced selfies with humans.


It boggles our minds how somebody could even think to do this to a living creature.

If the people who do things like this to animals could just stop and think for a moment how it must feel to be forced from the sanctity of their homes by somebody much bigger and stronger than them, then maybe this wouldn’t be a story we have to tell.



Luckily, we don’t have to abandon our faith in humanity — members of the local Green Area International rushed to the reptile’s aid, while others who opposed the poor treatment of the reptile formed a barricade to keep it safe from further indignities. Animals Lebanon, one of the groups contacted by members of Green Area International, responded to the call and came to the animal’s aid by putting a permanent stop to the abuse. Under their care, it was confirmed that the turtle had suffered extensive injuries at the hands of beachgoers and was unable to eat on his own or dive underwater.

The team of volunteers at Animals Lebanon set the injured turtle up with a pool so it can remain under their care and hopefully be returned to the ocean.

Animals Lebanon/Facebook


This incident is one of many in which an animal was put at risk all for the sake of a photo. Last year, tourists in Costa Rica disrupted sea turtles in their nesting so they could take photos. Earlier this year, a swan was killed when a woman who wanted a photo pulled it from the water by the neck. In another tragic and unforgettable incident, a stranded baby dolphin died after being swarmed by beachgoers who wanted to take selfies. Enough is enough. When will we learn?

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Lead image source: Green Area International/Inquisitr