When we think of Paul McCartney, we usually think of him rocking the bass while belting out some pretty legendary tunes, but it seems the rock legend is adding rapping to his resume. You gotta hand it to the guy, everything he touches turns into a song.

The musician and steadfast vegetarian’s ditty is a plea for people to go to pledge.meatfreemondays.com.  The site offers a pledge people can sign that states they’ll abstain from meat just one day per week.


Meat Free Mondays are a way that everyone can reduce their intake of animal products in an effort to improve health and reduce the environmental impact that a meat-heavy diet causes. By cutting back on meat (even if just for a day) a single person can help to lower green house gas emissions.

In fact, by skipping meat one day per week, the annual savings in green house gas emissions could be as high as not driving your car for an entire month!

Paul McCartney Lays Down Some Sweet Beats For Meatless Mondaypledge.meatfreemondays.com

Pledges done before the UN Climate Summit were intended to be used in a presentation showing the commitment of people to make small, sustainable changes but you can still take the pledge even though the summit is over.


Leave it to Paul McCartney. He can get a song about anything stuck in our heads!