Meet Oscar, the so-called world’s ugliest bird.

She has a disease called “beak and feather,” which causes her strange appearance. When her feathers grow in, they cause her pain and discomfort, so she pulls them out. She only has a few feathers on her head because she can’t reach them to pull them out. The disease has left her naked, but don’t let appearances deceive you. She’s one happy bird!

She has found her forever-home at the Humane Society, where she has lived for more than 12 years. Oscar cannot fly, and she does not look like other birds, but she has a personality that charms everyone. She dances, talks and makes the people around her smile every day. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by her unusual looks and perhaps there’s a lesson there for all of us. Looks don’t stop this bird from loving life, nor should they stop people from loving her.

Just like people, an animal’s personality or worth is not determined by outside appearances. We usually remember that when we meet people, or if we don’t, they usually remind us eventually. But we sometimes forget this truth with regard to animals, looking for pets that we find the cutest. But pets aren’t just ornaments, they’re personalities! Next time you visit a shelter or rescue looking for a pet, give a second look to the “misfits.” You might just find a new best friend!