Too often the media is filled with stories of people being cruel and abusing animals. But the truth is, every day there are lots of stories about people going out of their way to help animals, that go unreported. In fact, this is exactly the case when someone called to report a baby elephant that had fallen into a well and become trapped, outside of a rural village in Kenya. With the mother’s whereabouts unknown, the wildlife ranger’s from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust responded immediately by dispatching a team of veterinarians to the scene, where the kind villagers had already gotten the animal free.

Quickly, they provided food for the scared, three-week-old baby, who had been trapped and crying for two days without food. Then, they tended to his wounds and wrapped him up in blankets, letting him rest for the night, before beginning the long flight to Nairobi Kenya, where their elephant rehabilitation center is located. This story has a happy ending for this little calf, later named Ngilai, who will grow up in the company of the other orphaned elephants until they are all old enough to form a herd of their own. None of this would be possible if not for the intervention of helping humans, proving once again that there is still lots of love and kindness left in the world, too.