Between poachers, exotic pet dealers, and bear bile hunters, sun bears are highly threatened due to human activities. Young sun bears are commonly captured from the wild, after their parents are killed or sold, to become exotic pets or shipped off to the bile industry. Orphaned cubs left in their native habitat stand little to no chance at survival on their own as they rely on their mothers for nourishment for the first few months of life. Thankfully, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation (BSBCC) exists to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned bears and give them a second chance at life.

Rescuers from BSBCC found this two-month-old cut weak and all alone in the forest.

Caretakers fell in love with her adorable blue-gray eyes and named her Wawa.

But little Wawa is still weak and dehydrated from living in the forest without her mother. 

However, with the help of her caretakers, this little one will have everything she needs in her new temporary home.

The cub will soon get to explore the great outdoors and will learn all about the “bear necessities” from her caretakers and fellow bear friends.


What happened to Wawa’s mother may never be known, but we’re glad to see that this little bear is in the hands of caring individuals who will give her as much love as any mom could. Once she is ready, Wawa will be released to her natural habitat, equipped with the tools she needs to be an adult sun bear in the forest. To learn more about Wawa and all of the bears at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, click here.

All image source: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center