olivia wilde quits vegan diet

Okay, seriously…what’s up with celebs and their vegan flakiness?! First, it was Angelina Jolie and her scandalous “a-vegan-diet-almost-killed-me” quote, followed by Natalie Portman’s pregnancy hormones taking her into the land of dairy-based cookies, cakes and muffins, then Bob Harper wakes up one fine morning and pops an egg into his mouth and the best one yet…Ginnifer Goodwin feeling SO bad about animals that she even cried while eating her fried eggs (from a “humane” farm).

The latest one to join the bandwagon is Olivia Wilde, who rebounded on “comfort food” to console her broken heart post-divorce.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine, “I actually really like healthy food. I was hardcore vegan for years. When everything in my life became a little hectic, going through the divorce and everything afterward, I was like, ‘I need some goddamn cheese.’ And so I had some cheese.”