New York City has a new bodega in town, but it is not your typical run-of-the-mill corner store — this one is stocked entirely out of plant-based goods!

Started by Nicole Berrie, who runs the healthy living website Bonberi, the bodega is also called Bonberi and carries everything from baking supplies and spices to fresh juices, prepared salads and sandwiches, baked goods, and cosmetics and beauty supplies.

Berrie stated in Vogue: “As a native New Yorker, I cherish my local bodega for all of the essentials but wish they stocked products that were clean…” She wants to simplify plant-based living in a friendly atmosphere that doesn’t “require an herbalist encyclopedia to decipher.”

Shoppers can pick from a variety of salads — doesn’t it all look delicious?

Be sure to pick up a fresh juice at Bonberi when you stop by.

The chopped chickpea salad is a favorite, and we can see why!



For the next six months, shoppers can swing by the shop in the West Village on Bleecker Street. To learn more about Bonberi (and give your feed a splash of colorful plant-based goodness), give their Instagram page a follow here.

This is an awesome idea that we really hope starts a trend across New York City and beyond. Berrie is showing that plant-based living does not have to be a challenge and in fact can be very convenient and simple. Bonberi is also another wonderful example of where the future of food (and consumerism in general) is headed — toward healthful, plant-based options preferred by conscious consumers.

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All Image Source: bonberi/Instagram