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Talk about a glow up! This beautiful girl named Sara can teach us all about how a little makeover can do wonders for your appearance. We’re just sorry that she had to get into this state in the first place!

In August, Rescue Dogs Rock received a call about Sara from a shelter in Georgia. When she arrived at their vet partners yesterday the team was horrified by what they saw. Sara, it seems, has been a very long time without a hairbrush, and we don’t like to think how long it has been since this girl last had a wash. And if that sounds disgusting, it is, but it’s so much worse than that.

Dog fur gets tangled and matted, just like ours would if we neglect ourselves, but Sara’s was so tightly tangled that it was pinching her skin, effectively binding her together so she could barely move an inch!

matted dog

Sara’s fur had a full layer of black dirt, and if it was just from rolling around in the dirt that might be okay. But no, this layer was from flea dirt — this poor little girl has been home to fleas using her both as a feeding ground and a toilet for who knows how long!

black layer of dirt on dog's skin

Sara had to have most of her fur shaved off, and she already looks like a different dog! But it is so tightly mangled that she will likely need sedation so that her care team can finish shaving the rest of it off and remove the mats effectively to see what other horrors are lurking underneath.

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And as though looking like a neglected rag doll isn’t enough, poor Sara has dental disease, which means her remaining teeth will probably need to be removed. Who on Earth could leave a dog to get into this terrible condition? Sara is eight years old, but you would think this girl was ancient considering how awful she looked when she came in!

Matted dog getting haircut

Sara, you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are going to be taken care of now no matter what it takes. We’re rooting for you! Get better soon! There is a family out there waiting for you!

Dog after haircut


It’s always lovely to see the after photos of dogs like Sara, who come in looking less than their best then are transformed into something stunning. But we wish we didn’t have to. These dogs shouldn’t be left to get into this state in the first place. Where is the compassion in the world when we could walk past a dog like this and leave them to suffer even more?

Thankfully, we have heroes like the team at Rescue Dogs Rock who work tirelessly to help dogs like Sara. Why not visit their Facebook page and find out more about the work they do?

All Images Source: Rescue Dogs Rock