When it comes to animal testing, most people think of mice, rabbits, and other small animals. But fewer people realize that across the United States, hundreds of thousands of beagles are also used for laboratory experiments. Even more upsetting than these animals being put through painful tests, is the fact that most animals used for lab tests are killed after their trials are complete, including dogs. Thankfully, there are some incredible organizations out there who are working to rescue these beagles from labs and give them the loving homes they deserve. One of these organizations is the Kindness Ranch, which recently saved three dogs from a tragic fate. Now, these four-legged friends will get the chance to have happy, healthy lives!

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, three young beagle boys started their new lives as Kindness Ranch dogs after leaving a lab where they were used to test a new kind of neutering procedure.

Parker, Wade, and Bruce are friendly and active, and are already starting to show their fun, playful, and very beagle-y personalities!

The pups relished the moment, stepping out of their cages into the sunlight for the very first time!

They’re already learning what it feels like to be loved.

It feels pretty dog-gone good!

Cats and dogs at The Kindness Ranch live together with their human caretakers in spacious yurts specially designed to meet their needs. They receive round-the-clock care to help them adjust to their new lives.

Those who can be rehabilitated will even get adopted into loving forever homes. Others will spend their days, free from harm, with their doggy friends at the ranch.




Kindness Ranch has saved dozens of animals who have been used in laboratory research. If it weren’t for organizations like this, Parker, Wade, and Bruce would have never gotten the chance to learn what it means to be loved!  You can learn more about this awesome organization and  their work here.

All image source: Kindness Ranch