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Chickens are some of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Often written off as being dumb, non-feeling creatures, chickens are subject to some of the most horrific forms of abuse in the egg and meat industry as a result. Chickens raised for eggs are forced to live in cages that are no larger than the size of an iPad and are often crammed in with anywhere from five to ten other animals. Meat chickens are given no better care, most live in hot, dark sheds crammed in with around 10,000 other birds – not even a “cage-free” environment is much of an improvement. This environment is incredibly stressful for chickens and they often resort to pecking one another and fighting. To prevent this, it has become common practice to shave down chickens’ beaks and remove their front toe.

Life in this environment is no life at all for these animals. Thankfully, incredible organizations like Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary have devoted their work to changing this perception of chickens and all other animals used in factory farms. In this video, we see the massive rescue of factory farm hens as part of Operation Red Hen.

There is nothing that makes us happier than knowing these hens will finally get the chance to live free from harm and finally experience all the wonders of being a chicken.

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