Great news this morning! There will be a few more animals that’ll leave the suffering of circuses soon! Mexico City has become the latest city council to vote for a ban on animals in circuses. According to Animal Defenders International, “circuses will be given a year to change their acts or risk fines of $45,000-$60,000.”

This vote comes in reaction to many allegations of animal abuse, and now the circus owners will have about a year to alter their shows, says the L.A. Times. 

The vote was an overwhelming one. According to the L.A. Times, “The vote by Mexico City’s legislative assembly wasn’t close, with 41 politicians favoring the law, none voting against it and 11 abstaining. Now Mexico City, with more than 20 million residents, and six Mexican states — Colima, Guerrero, Morelos, Yucatan, Chiapas and Zacatecas — prohibit the use of animals in circuses.”

The new law will not force circuses to get rid of the animals they do have, but they will no longer be allowed to be used in shows. While this still leaves the line of potential abuse and exploitation open for these animals, the good news is that they will at least have a rest from the cruelties of having to perform in shows. The law does not apply to other show types, however, like rodeos, which is a shame — but we would like to at least be happy that one step has been taken forward for the animals in circuses in this area!

Jesus Sesma, a politician who advocated for the ban, says the move is showing “a respect for living beings who are not human.”

We are so happy to see this move made in the name of circus animals! We will not give up the fight for their rights until they are truly “free” of all potential exploitation, but this is a great start!

Image source: chensiyuan – chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons