The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) has been responsible for some pretty amazing elephant rescues (like this baby elephant who was stuck in a hunter’s trap or this little one who fell in a well, for example). But cute animal videos and harrowing animal rescues are only a tiny part of what the DSWT does. They spend most of the time looking after nearly 100 needy, hungry elephants.

It’s a little hard to imagine what that would actually be like, but this video gives us all an in-depth look at what the kind caretakers at DSWT do on a daily basis.

Each of the 89 elephants currently in the DSWT’s care is an individual with unique wants and needs. They each play, eat, and love differently and the DSWT elephant caretakers are tasked with making sure each little one has what they need to grow up big and strong – just like their parents would.

Thanks to their dedication, countless elephant calves have been released back into the wild and gone on to live full lives in the wild!

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