Avast! Thar be a plundering pirate up ahead … or should we say a purr-ate?

Henry the Pirate Kitty had an inauspicious start in life. Born with a nonfunctional forepaw and an ongoing issue with ulcers in his eye, it was decided that both should be removed during the procedure to neuter him. This would naturally lead one to assume that so much change would leave the poor guy traumatized, but this swashbuckling sweetie never missed a beat!


“According to his medical records he was purring and cuddling and rolling around the very next day.” His adoptive parents said on his Facebook page. “Right now he acts as if nothing is wrong, he runs around and jumps on things just fine…quite a handful actually!!!”

Adopting a new member of the family is sometimes a daunting proposition, especially one that may have special needs. Animals like Henry are great examples of why opening up your home to a pet that may not be “perfect” is an awesome idea! Though not a possibility for everyone, giving an animal that would probably be overlooked because of a physical abnormality not only enriches your life, it saves theirs.

Just look at Henry! But make sure to mind your Ps and Qs while you do, or he might make you walk the plank.



Argh, ye needs to keep yer hands off me booty…except to scratch it, then it’s cool.

“Human, I will begrudgingly wear this dinosaur costume for you even though a pirate of my stature is far too awesome for such frivolity.”

Johnny, Henry’s first mate, closes his eye too in a show of pirate-y solidarity.


 Sometimes you’ve gotta take a load off from sailing the seven seas…or in this case from sleeping on the furniture and playing in cereal boxes.

Annnd, back to conquering the cereal box.

We think these humans discovered that the greatest treasure was the pirate himself.

Henry the Pirate Kitty! The Scourge of the Living Room!



Lead image source: Imgur


Additional image sources: Henry the Pirate Kitty/Facebook