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In today’s world, farm animals are usually looked at as mere commodities. They are valued only for their production, yet even this “value” is deceptive as they are often treated poorly during their “productive” age.

Egg-laying hens, for example, are typically confined to dirty, wire cages the size of a standard sheet of paper. Here, they spend their entire lives cramped in with five to 10 other birds and are unable to spread their wings or engage in any natural behaviors. Once these hens reach their productive peak, which may happen in just a year’s time, they are considered “spent,” or more aptly, disposable, and are either gassed or sent for meat slaughter.

Farm sanctuaries see these animals much differently than the agricultural industry. These wonderful facilities allow hens and other former farmed animals to live out their lives in peace and fully develop their personalities. At sanctuaries, they become individuals, not products.

Animal Place, located in Grass Valley, Calif., is one of the nation’s oldest and largest farm animal sanctuaries. At 600-acres, Animal Place has become a safe haven for thousands of farm animals since its founding in 1989. In fact, the sanctuary reports that it has saved over 13,000 chickens along the way since the start of its Rescue Ranch program in August 2010.

Back in February 2012, Animal Place participated in the largest farm animal rescue in California’s history, saving 4,500 hens from deplorable battery farm conditions.

Recently, the sanctuary played a key role in another massive rescue, this time saving 1,800 egg-laying hens. A local farm was shutting its doors and if it wasn’t for this amazing rescue effort, these hens would certainly have been sent to their death.

Thankfully, Animal Place immediately jumped in to help rescue and place each and every hen in a loving home. The rescue and adoption took place over two weekends, and Animal Place is happy to report that all hens “are accounted for and have placement.” What wonderful news!

Check out part of this amazing rescue effort in the video above!

Find out more about Animal Place on their website or Facebook. To Donate, please visit this page.