There’s no doubt about it: dogs have been “man’s best friend” for centuries. When someone welcomes a companion dog into their life, the pup becomes family. They’re always there waiting at home to snuggle at the end of a long day and they can sense when you’re not feeling your best and are sure to lend a comforting paw. In return, we would do anything for our dogs and sometimes that means providing them with a comfortable environment to pass away in.

When Mark Woods’ dog, Walnut, was about to pass, he sent out a plea on social media asking people to join him and his whippet on one last stroll along the beach. And the response was overwhelming. Hundreds of fellow animal lovers joined Mark and Walnut on their final walk. Not only that, but when Ethical Record Label heard about Marks story, they wrote the song “Walk with Walnut” overnight. All of the proceeds from the song will go directly to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home located in London, an animal rescue center that rescues and re homes both dogs and cats.


The bond between people and dogs is a remarkable one, and Mark’s devotion to his Whippet is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere.

Hundreds of animal lovers joined Mark and Walnut for their final walk along the beach. 

Mark carried Walnut, who he has had since a puppy, on the beach in Cornwall because he could no longer walk on his own. 


Mark and Walnut were joined by hundreds of fellow animal lovers who wanted to pay tribute. Mark said, “People from all over the country came to the walk because they could release their own emotions and that’s what it was about really.”

Newquay beach residents showed their support.

Kept comfortable in a warm blanket, Walnut was comforted by strangers. Little children ran up to pet Walnut on the walk. 

Shortly after Walnut was put to sleep, Mark posted on Facebook that the elderly pup “went very quickly and in my arms”

“People have been getting in touch from literally all over the world, Australia, America, China and Costa Rica, as well as pretty much every country in Europe.” said Mark. Just a small showing of how deep the love between man and dog really does run.


The story of Mark and Walnut shows the powerful love that is shared between a guardian and their best friend. If you would like hear the song made in Walnut’s honor and to donate, please click here. Let’s honor Walnut’s legacy by helping other dogs and cats find their forever home. Remember to always adopt and not shop!

All image source: Neil Hope/SWNS