Sleeping at night must be an incredible task to undertake if you live with a cat like Luna. With all her parkour practice, we imagine the wee hours of the morning are anything but quiet. And parkour isn’t this cat’s only hobby! No, she has a penchant for adventure and all things “crazy.” Attacking anything that moves and always excited for a good game of catch, this cat has no problem finding a way to entertain herself.

If you weren’t entirely aware of what she was up to, not to worry, she narrates all of her escapades.


“Dad! Dad, look! I am about to jump from the towel rack to the top of the shower. It’s gonna be awesome!”

After a long day – and possibly, night – Luna is a fan of a good cuddle session. Whether it be inside a pillow, on a cozy cushion, or right next to her dad, this girl lives by the motto “play hard, sleep hard.” Because after a solid 30-minutes of necessary shut-eye, this girl will be right back to her antics!