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Fatigue will get you down in no time, no matter if it’s from a long day at work, a lack of sleep, or a hard workout. Fatigue by circumstance is one thing, but if you’re always tired no matter what, it’s time to consider some other reasons. Men specifically have a unique set of reasons why they may experience chronic fatigue for more than a few weeks at a time.

1. Low Levels of Testosterone

As men age, they gradually produce less testosterone. Testosterone affects everything from bone density to muscle mass and more. A significant drop in testosterone can often cause increased body fat, mental fatigue, low energy, and insomnia. If you think you may have low testosterone levels, you can see a doctor and get a blood test. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you improve testosterone levels.

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2. Poor Diet

You’ll experience a greater sense of energy when you consume foods that Support your body and your brain. Sugary foods and drinks will just leave you depleted and moody later on, and most of them won’t keep you full. This is especially true with processed foods and drinks. If you need an energy boost, check out all of these healthy recipes that will boost your mood, fuel your soul and nourish your body from our Food Monster App!

3. Insomnia

Insomnia is the routine inability to fall asleep, along with constant wakefulness throughout the night. Even when an insomniac obtains a full night of sleep, they often feel as if they never slept. Insomnia has many causes, including changes in your normal environment, unhealthy sleep habits, strange work schedules (such as shift work), certain medications, or other health or psychological disorders. One of the most popular sleep aids is just a dose of your body’s natural sleep hormone, melatonin! This hormone “signals your brain that it’s time to sleep” via the time of the day.

4. Low Iron Levels

If you find yourself feeling sluggish or tired, mentally or physically, you may be suffering from an iron deficiency, known as anemia. Though meat has a reputation for being rich in iron, there are plenty of other iron-rich plant-based foods that provide all of the health benefits but none of the cholesterol or hormones. Iron is a mineral that is crucial for oxygen transportation throughout the blood, and iron deficiency is a relatively common and treatable condition.

Why Am I Always Tired? 

Source: Doctor Mike Hansen/YouTube

While it’s normal to have low energy on occasion, if it starts to get in the way of your daily life you may want to take a closer look into your lifestyle habits. Believe it or not, some reasons can cause feelings of lethargy that are specific to men. The good news is that by simply tweaking a few things in your day-to-day life such as your diet, sleep, and exercise habits, you may feel a world of difference!

If your low energy persists after making trying out these changes, men should consult with a doctor or care provider.

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