Generally, animals don’t take to change too well. Even the smallest alteration in their environment can have a ton of negative effects, whether they live in the wild or a house with one of us!

With this in mind, seeing the penguin in this video wandering the streets of Chimbote, Peru, is heartbreaking. The poor thing was terrified in this new, strange environment. Luckily for the penguin, some concerned residents called public safety to get the penguin out of the streets and into somewhere safe.

Despite the strangeness of the situation, the officers were able to catch the penguin without hurting him or getting bitten. The best part is that the penguin calms down enough by the end to let them rub his belly and eat fresh fish from their hands!

The situation might be bad, but being lost in a city isn’t the worst thing penguins have to contend with by far.

No one knows where the penguin came from yet. Some residents think that he fell out of a vehicle. Whatever the case, this little guy is in good hands now at the Chimbote Forest Nursery. We hope that he gets to return to the wild soon.

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