London’s Harrow Half Marathon will be the first marathon in England’s capital to completely ditch plastic water bottles! Instead of passing out typical bottles, runners taking part in the event will receive water in edible seaweed “bubbles.” This innovative product is called Ooho and was created by the Skipping Rocks Lab.

Participants will be able to pick up Ooho bubbles at water stations set along the 13.1 mile course, the Guardian reports. The Ooho bubble can be used either by biting off the edge and drinking the water or by consuming the whole capsule. Runners will not be able to refill their own bottles which are banned from the course. Water in biodegradable cups will also be available but only as a backup, in case that the demand is very high.


The Harrow half marathon is not the only race in the country seeing some changes when it comes to plastic use. Oohos will also be present at the Richmond marathon and at Tough Mudder in West Sussex where they will be trialed as bubbles filled with Lucozade sports drinks and gels. The Skipping Rocks Lab has also recently teamed up with the food delivery service Just Eat to provide them with sustainable seaweed packets for condiments.

The Ooho capsules are made of a seaweed-based material which is completely edible and, if not consumed, biodegrades easily within six weeks.

When it comes to our day-to-day life, replacing plastic water bottles is incredibly easy. By simply grabbing a reusable bottle, you can help keep hundreds of plastic bottles out of the waste stream every year. Americans alone use some 50 billion plastic water bottles per year and, most alarmingly, around 38 billion of these end up in a landfill – don’t be one of those people contributing to this waste!

To find out more about how you can be part of the change, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign.


Image source: Ooho/Facebook