Actress Kristen Bell kicked off Josh Duhamel’s new web series, Rescue Waggin’: Tales From the Road, with an upbeat story of her experience adopting Lola (a Welsh Corgi-Chow Chow mix) and Mr. Shakes (a Welsh Corgi-Chihuahua mix) eight years ago from a shelter outside of Los Angeles.


As Kristen recounted her tale, Lola lay contentedly by her side while the puppyish Mr. Shakes, true to his name, trembled and peeked around the room with a happy grin. Lola, Kristen said, was returned by two different families for being an “escape artist,” while Mr. Shakes was set to be euthanized the next day. She adopted both dogs that day so they would keep each other company when she was at work, and the two look rather cute and contented together, especially when Kristen took them in her arms for a sweet squeeze at the story’s close. It’s clear from her expression and enthusiasm that Kristen genuinely loves animals, and given her strong screen presence and history as a Humane Society advocate, she was an ideal choice to open the series.

Action star Josh Duhamel had considered collaborating with another star — President Barack Obama — but reconsidered. “[H]e bought both of his dogs, so he was out of the running,” Josh explained, referring to Portuguese water dogs Sunny and Bo. Working with President Obama would draw much attention to the series, but the actor is obviously putting integrity first.

Several years ago, Josh rescued a miniature dachshund named Meatloaf as a companion for his dog Zoë, whom he bought. His experience adopting Meatloaf inspired him to start the Rescue Waggin’ web series in collaboration with PetSmart Charities.

In future webisodes, celebrities Bret Michaels and Adam Shankman will share their tales, but most of the show centers on Josh and his team as they follow dogs and puppies across the country on their journeys to find a forever home. Rescue Waggin’ vans travel up to 3,000 miles a week to help these pets on their journey, and PetSmart Charities estimate that the program has saved 70,000 animals since 2004.  It’s hard to believe anyone could give up some of these lovable pets, and no matter which breed you prefer, Rescue Waggin‘ offers lots of doggie eye candy.