There’s a ton of unfounded ( and frankly crazy) myths surrounding animals. Take for example the superstitions that black cats are bad luck or Pit Bulls are born to be aggressive. It seems like the second people get an inkling of a myth about animals, they decide it MUST be true and these falsehoods just continue to get perpetuated. One crazy myth that has become steadfast is that dogs and cats can’t be friends!

Most people think that dogs and cats can’t get along, but we’re glad to inform you that, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Take this little kitty and her giant dog guardian!

The Great Dane Dutchess loves guarding her small kitty companion Bronté. They’ll definitely be friends for life!

This little kitten has the world’s best bodyguard – in fact, Dutchess does such a great job at sheltering her little kitten friend, you can barely even tell she’s there!

Dogs and cats (and children for that matter) can be fantastic lifelong companions for one another when they’re introduced under the correct circumstances. If you’re thinking of introducing a dog, cat, child, or other pet to one another we encourage you to read up on how to do it. For more on how to introduce a new pet to your pack, click here. For tips on how to introduce kids and pets, check out this article. Before you know it, you’ll be snapping tons of pictures like this!

All image source: Sterek13/Imgur