Still convinced that Pit Bulls are an inherently dangerous breed? Let the Blue Boys persuade you otherwise! The Blue Boys in question are Darren and Phillip, a pair of ridiculously cute Pit Bull brothers who love nothing more than to wrap up nice and warm in their pyjamas and enjoy a bit of snuggle time together. The pair, who live in Brisbane, Australia, have taken Instagram by storm, with almost 140,000 followers.

On their website, the Blue Boys’ guardians say: “Darren and Phillip both have very different little personalities. Darren’s nickname is Captain Needy Pants because he lives for attention … (while) Phillip’s nickname is The Grocery/Food Ninja. He has stolen numerous amounts of groceries before and will eat absolutely anything.” In spite of their differences, however, the one thing these two have in common is their love of snuggling!


One quick glance at their page reveals exactly why Darren and Phillip have become so popular. The photographs of the intrepid pair cuddling, sleeping, begging for treats, and getting into various forms of mischief – all while clad in the sweetest pair of PJs you could ever imagine – are almost too cute for words! We have compiled a selection of some of their best recent snaps, so sit back and prepare to be dazzled by the wonder of the Blue Boys…

The duo may be a tad sleepy in this shot, but they still have time to flash a cheeky grin at the camera!

“Ah … is there anything more blissful than chilling out in your PJs after a hard day of being THIS cute?”

 “I hear ya, bro!”


“Any treats for me?”

Have you ever seen a sweeter pair of faces?

We may be about to pass out from the cuteness of it all over here…



The boys’ guardians hope that in addition to providing animal lovers with their daily dose of cuteness, the pictures will also help raise awareness of the truth about Pit Bulls: namely, that they are just as capable of being sweet, affectionate family pets as any other kind of dog, when treated with kindness and loving care.


On the boys’ website, one of their guardians says, “Since social media has opened my eyes to a massive group of people and officials who think this breed is vicious, and with BSL (Breed-Specific-Legislation) laws being enforced in lots of different countries, I have become more and more passionate about proving the opposite. I really hope that our photos can change the minds of these people or at least make them think twice about blaming the breed for irresponsible human behavior.”

Changing the world through cuteness … that’s what Darren and Phillip are all about. For more beautiful snaps, you can check out the Blue Boys’ Instagram page or website.

All image source: The Blueboys/Instagram