Vet Ranch is a Texas-based non-profit rescue group that focuses on helping homeless animals with injuries, many of whom may have otherwise been euthanized in the unforgiving shelter system. “Let’s fix them all!” is the motto of their head veterinarian, Dr. Matt, who posts videos chronicling their efforts on YouTube.

This recent video features two helpless newborn kittens who were found alone in the searing Texas heat. Because their organization relies so heavily on donations, he explains that without any money, they would not be able to help these two sweeties in need. Luckily, he opens a letter from a kind fan named Brady, who sent them five whole dollars! This simple donation was enough to buy bottles for the hungry little kittens and, thanks to another generous donation, they had enough for formula as well.


Because kittens need round the clock care, Dr. Matt took them back to his house, where his whole family helped him care for them. What a great way to teach children about helping animals! In just a few weeks, this brother and sister team were as good as new and are now looking for their furever homes.

The amazing people at Vet Ranch are living proof of how a little kindness can save lives! If you would like to donate to this organization, click here.