Great news Green Monsters! It was recently announced that Iceland’s largest fin whaling company will not be conducting hunts this coming summer! Due to complications with exporting meat to Japanese markets, as well as a sharp decline consumer demand for whale meat, the company, Hvalur HF, has decided to halt fin whaling operations.

According to The Guardian, Hvalur HF killed 155 fin whales last year, and a total of 706 since Iceland resumed commercial whaling in 2006. Additionally, Icelanders don’t eat fin whale meat, meaning the sole market is in Japan. However, Japan requires chemical analysis for imported meat, which the head of Hvalur HF insists is “outdated” and refuses to carry out hunts until they are removed.


For the sake of whales, we hope this never happens.

Hope for an End to Whaling 

Despite international condemnation of the whaling business, which murders 16,000 whales every year, countries like Iceland, Japan, and Norway still continue the hunt. Commercial whaling was outlawed by the  International Whaling Commission in 1986, yet this has hardly stopped the industry. Japan, for example, who has defended its decision to continue under the guise of “research.” Yet we know this is a hoax; there has been no proof that Japan has ever conducted any such research. Luckily, Hvalur HF’s decision to end fin whaling this summer tells us that this antiquated industry might just be on the way out – for good.

Even still, it seems the loopholes are closing. The cancelation of these fin whaling hunts speaks to the fact that as consumers, we have the power to end this disgusting industry. Unfortunately, Minke whaling will still continue in Iceland, but with continued pressure, there is hope that soon this form of hunting will follow suit!