Plants created by synthetic biology to save the ecosystem might be something people can get behind, but women giving birth to other species in order to eat them? Um…what?

This is the concept proposed by Ai Hasegawa, and as DeZeen explains the idea, it is “to tackle food shortages and satisfy maternal instincts as the human population burgeons by giving women the option to become surrogates for endangered animals hunted for food.”

Right. If this theoretical idea ever became biologically possible, we’re pretty sure women wouldn’t be lining up to impregnate themselves with tomorrow night’s dinner.

There’s also many other ways women can satisfy maternal instincts: having human babies, babysitting, fostering, volunteering at a childcare center, taking care of another person or animal without being pregnant, the list could go on. The gestation period, along with the complex biological changes that would need to take place for the dolphin to be reared do not lend themselves to “tackling food shortages.” Plant yourself a vegetable garden and call it a day.

In explaining his idea further, Hasegawa says, “Furthermore, gourmets would be able to enjoy the luxury of eating a rare animal: an animal made by their own body, raising questions of the ownership of rare animal life, and life itself.”


Sure, it’s important to raise these types of questions, and invite discussion on different topics. The concept of inter-species impregnation is biologically interesting in some circles, and perhaps there’s a very small handful of people who for whatever reason would find this idea appealing.

However, the concept is not presented to end the extinction of these endangered species, but rather for people with a taste for the exotic to satisfy their palate. It would not only be exploitative to the women who carried these animals, but to the animals themselves. What do you think?