If you weren’t already convinced of how dangerous horse-drawn carriages are, then perhaps this recent video will open your eyes.

The video shows the dramatic aftermath of a careless carriage driver who put both his horse and countless pedestrians at risk … all for money. The driver was reportedly racing another driver for the first spot in the lineup through Columbus Circle when the entire carriage went crashing down on its side. As you can imagine, the horse was extremely stressed as cars zoomed by on both sides. This is the very reason why NYCLASS is urging city policymakers to make serious changes to horse-drawn carriage operations.


The accident was captured by a witness who confirmed that this was not an abnormal occurrence. “That happens every morning where they race to the spot,” they shared, “Sometimes you can even see them passing through red lights on Columbus Circle.” This statement, along with the footage is surely a tell-tell sign that something needs to be changed to protect innocent lives. Additionally, there has been a slew of horse-drawn carriage accidents across the globe that have resulted in unnecessary deaths and injuries.

The reform bill that NYCLASS is presenting would protect horses, pedestrians, and even the carriage drivers themselves. An important part of the legislation would be restricting them from Columbus Circle, as this area in Central Park South is very busy, very loud, and very dangerous. You can help push this crucial legislation to the forefront by calling relevant council members and voicing your support of horse-drawn carriage reform in NYC!