When you’re homeless, you’re likely concerned about when your next meal is going to be and if you’re able to get a warm bed for the night. Given this focus on personal survival, it is entirely understandable that thinking about how to help others might not be top priority. But as this sweet story shows, this is hardly the case across the board. A man named “Homeless Joe,” recently took it upon himself to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals in his area. Despite not being able to donate second-hand items, such as towels, collars, and food, he didn’t let that stop him from making a donation to ACT Rescue and Foster’s Dogs On The Run initiative in Canberra, Austrailia on October 30th.

Homeless Joe saw the donation bin outside of “Dogs on the Run” and left $5 with a kind note. 




According to a report in the Canberra Times, Dogs on the Run co-owner Carolyn Kidd was left with a lump in her throat from the thoughtful gesture and said, “I just thought, that is an extraordinary, amazing thing to do when someone is homeless and has nothing. Those that have little are the biggest givers.”

Dogs on the Run helps to save dogs from euthanasia until they can be placed into forever homes. Here in the U.S., pet homelessness has reached alarming numbers with about 70 million dogs and cats roaming the streets. Sadly, five out of every ten shelter dogs is put to sleep each year, which amounts to about 5,500 euthanized dogs every day. Homeless Joe’s gesture is a testament to how we can all do our part to help solve the pet homelessness crisis, no matter how small the act.


Please always spay and neuter your pets and urge your friends and family to do the same. For more ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, click here.

Image Source: Dogs on the Run/Facebook