Our dogs make our lives better in countless ways. They are experts are improving our mood when we’re sad, they give us an excuse to get out and exercise more, and above all, they’re the best friends we could ask for. Vicky Neville, the woman in this video, would absolutely agree.

Vicky was put through three long years of heartache following the loss of three of her dogs, a bad divorce, and the death of her sister. After enduring so much pain, she was admitted into inpatient care for chronic depression. Things were looking pretty bleak, but then Vicky met Macy, a senior Pit Bull, and everything changed.

Macy was brought to the hospital as part of a Mr. Mo Project program and immediately made a connection with Vicky. With her new Pit Bull friend by her side, Vicky started to feel alive again. Together, this beautiful pair are learning to appreciate all the simple joys of life – and there is never a shortage of love or affection.

To learn more about Mr. Mo Project and their amazing work, check out their website, here.