It can be easy to forget the details of a conversation you had with a person or what they were wearing, but you never forget the way they made you feel. Especially if that person was exceptionally kind, compassionate or sympathetic at a time when you really needed it. And this can be applied to humans and animals alike.

Margarita Suarez of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, was an animal lover through and through. Whenever a stray dog or cat showed up at her door, Suarez would welcome them with scraps of food, a drink of water and a kind smile. This was a daily routine that she followed, much to the gratitude of these stray animals. Suarez also had a habit of bringing a bag of food with her when she ran errands, just in case she found an animal in need.


Now that’s a true animal lover.

Sadly, Suarez passed away recently, but the impact of her kindness was not quickly forgotten. On the day of Suarez’s funeral, a procession of dogs appeared out of nowhere.

At first, family members assumed the dogs belonged to the funeral home owners.

But it quickly became clear that the dogs were there to pay their respects.

Once Suarez’s family members realized what was happening, they welcomed the dogs. The dogs stayed until three in the morning, a true showing of their gratitude for her kindness.

What a beautiful showing for such a wonderful soul. Rest in peace Margarita.