Four years ago, a little goat gave the authorities one heck of a tough time. Where she came from, nobody knew, but she had found herself in the middle of a highway. Police in Melbourne, Australia spent an afternoon chasing the agile, little goat, who evaded capture by running at top speed through traffic, leaping over guardrails, dodging nets, and sprinting through open fields. Nothing could stop her bid for freedom — that is, until she was finally apprehended, and brought to the local dog pound.

Lucky for this goat, her original caretaker never came for her, so Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary located in Victoria, Australia, stepped up to give her the freedom she so sorely deserved.


In honor of her chutzpah, the goat was named Calamity Jane.


This rebellious little one now has the life she likely imagined for herself when she took that mad freedom run, and her caretakers are absolutely smitten with her.

To see the video of the chaos Calamity Jane caused as she thwarted capture by the authorities, watch the video below:

If you want to read more inspiring rescues carried off by Edgar’s Mission, you can do so by visiting their official website.


All image source: Edgar’s Mission