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What a beautiful sight it is to witness this sweet girl touch grass for the very first time. She is a senior Yorkie who was recently rescued from a puppy mill operation. When a volunteer with National Mill Dog Rescue gently placed her down, she was clearly confused and not quite sure what to do. As wonderful as it was, this little Yorkie should have never been in this situation, to begin with.

This is exactly why people NEED to stop purchasing dogs from pet stores. The vast majority of pet stores get their puppies from the same types of places this poor girl came from. Pet store dogs are commodities and are often abused and neglected behind closed doors. Oh, and it’s not just the pet store animals that are suffering, it’s also the forgotten mothers (like the Yorkie in the video) at the puppy mills who are enduring immense cruelty.

Female dogs in puppy mills used for breeding are usually kept in highly unsanitary conditions, receive little or no medical care, and live in small cages with little social interaction. These mothers are used for breeding their entire lives, only to be tossed away like trash when they can’t be used anymore. Additionally, many puppy mills use hormones and steroids in an attempt to produce as many puppies as possible. The life of a puppy mill dog is one that is filled with disease, pain, and unimaginable suffering.

The only way to bring puppy mills to an end is by NOT buying from pet stores, spreading awareness about the realities of puppy mills, and encouraging others to only adopt a rescue. Adopting a dog is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to add a new furry member to your family while saving a life. And remember, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment!

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