Komari the kitten was found all alone wandering the streets at just five weeks old. With no one to look after her, the poor girl was sick, dirty and in desperate need of help. Luckily, some kind folks came to her rescue, taking her home to meet the rest of their animal family. Given the delicate state of this little kitten, her humans worked diligently to hand-nurse her back to health. Thanks to the help of these kind people and the new pack of ferret brothers she inherited, little Komari’s life changed forever.

This is tiny Komari on the first day she came home.

Some people might worry that cats and ferrets won’t get along, but these six sweet ferret brothers welcomed little Komari with open paws!


Before long, she was just one of the guys, proving how easy it can be for animals of different species to love one another.

With six big brothers to snuggle, naptime more fun than ever!

With all of the good food everyone was getting, little sister wasn’t little for long.

Soon she was giving her brothers a real challenge, both in the wrestling sling and for space in the bed!

Komari might be all grown up now, but the love she shares with her ferret siblings has certainly stood the test of time!



The sweet story of Komari the kitty and her ferret brothers just goes to show how willing all animals are to give and receive love, even to another species. Now if only humans would learn to get along, how happy the world could be.

All image source: Michael Mankus/Imgur