According to a new Harris Poll, 38% of Americans are concerned about the current state, and future, of the environment in 2013 (up from 31% last year). In addition, while many Americans believe organic food products are healthier, most feel that an organic label is an excuse for food producers to charge more.

Is Organic Better?

41% think organic food tastes better and/or fresher than non-organic and only 23% know what the term “dirty dozen means in regards to organic foods.

How Easy is it to be Green?

The results revealed that nearly equal percentages of U.S. adults perceive it as difficult (49%) and easy (47%). 80% say they will seek out green products, but only 30% are willing to pay extra for them. Overall, the new Harris Poll reveals that efforts to be green seem to have leveled off, with 63% making the same amount of effort to be environmentally conscious as the year ago, considerably up from 51% in 2009.

The Bottom Line

“While Americans feel better about the economy, many are wary of the ‘greenwashing’ concept that gives companies a chance to cash in on consumers who want to help the planet, but are confused by all the eco-friendly jargon,” said Mike de Vere , President of the Harris Poll.

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