About a month ago, Reddit user Darkkon saw a small, furry ball in the grass near the parking lot outside of his office building. What he discovered shocked him and a fellow cat lover, so they took it upon themselves to help.

These photos show the incredible transformation of one animal, made possible by Darkkon’s kindness and the generosity of internet users around the world.


Darrkon and a colleague found this kitten curled up in the grass outside his office. He was emaciated and flea-ridden, so the cat lovers knew they needed to help him.

They gave him some food and saw that his eyes were so badly infected that they were sealed shut.

Darkkon knew the risks of bringing a sick cat around his own, so he and his colleague built a makeshift shelter for the kitten. He said he could tell the little guy wanted their help.

Despite the risks, Darkkon brought the kitten into his home to protect him from freezing temperatures and set up a “containment field” in his bathroom, complete with a heating pad, makeshift shelter, and litter box.

The next day, Darkkon took the little guy to the vet, where they had to treat him immediately for his eye and skin infections.

Darkkon couldn’t pay for everything himself, so he reached out to the internet community. He created a 24-hour live feed for viewers, who named him Mr. Cat, and received stuffed animals, blankets, cat toys and plants, and money to help pay for medical expenses.

After weeks of eye treatments, Mr. Cat’s scars began to heal.

Mr. Cat slowly became a beautiful, lovable kitten, inside and out! He has almost regained his vision in one eye completely, but he will remain blind in the other.

After weeks of around-the-clock feedings by Darkkon and generous support from the internet, Mr. Cat can get back those lost kitten years.

And now he can even make new friends!

All image source: Darkkon/Imgur