Thank goodness a compassionate local knew to call Animal Aid Unlimited when they found a donkey in need. The sweet boy, now named Leon, was suffering from a deep wound that was causing him so much pain, he literally collapsed. When rescuers arrived on the scene they found a rope wrapped around his leg.

The Animal Aid Unlimited team helped Leon into the rescue truck and began the ride back to the clinic for treatment. He was immediately given medication for the pain, had the rope removed, and his wound cleaned and bandaged. The moment they were done, he already had a look of relief all over his adorable face … and that was just the beginning! After just a few weeks, this handsome boy was ready to take on the world.

Leon, like so many stray animals in India, came from a life of abuse and neglect. Animal Aid Unlimited strives to not only rescue these beautiful animals, but they also educate the locals on why animals deserve respect and proper care. Their commitment has made a world of difference for animals that would otherwise die without knowing the existence of kindness.

If you are feeling inspired by Leon’s story and would like to change the life for more abused, neglected, and abandoned street animals in India, click here to donate.