When it comes to dogs, animal lovers will go above and beyond for their furry companions. Sometimes that means a plush dog bed right next to theirs, a never-ending stream of new toys, or just a cuddle session every night. Unfortunately, not everyone provides their pets with proper care. Either they don’t have the monetary means to do it, they were in over their head when they decided to start caring for another living being, or in the worst case scenario, they purposefully neglect or abuse their pets.

Unfortunately, all too often, abuse occurs behind closed doors. Since it happens out of public view, weeks, months, and sometimes even years can go by before people begin to take notice and contact the proper authorities. Thankfully, when that moment does happen, there are wonderful organizations that quickly swoop in to rescue the animals and do everything they can to remedy the situation.


Just recently, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) visited a suspected cruelty situation in Arkansas. The sight they arrived to was not pretty, to say the least. 

HSUS found and rescued nearly 50 dogs from the rundown property. 

Many of these dogs are in dire need of veterinary attention. 

Since HSUS was not able to locate a clean source of water or food anywhere on the property, it is not known how long these dogs may have gone without adequate nourishment. 

Without proper grooming and cleaning, many of these dogs also suffered from skin conditions and were missing patches of fur. 

Thankfully, these pups are now under the care of HSUS where they are getting all of the treatment they need! 



Seeing the utter negligence and selfishness of whoever made themselves the guardian of these dogs is enough to make any animal lover furious. The fact that such terrible conditions can be maintained behind closed doors shows that there is still much work to do in regards to animal cruelty laws. If you’d like to learn more about Humane Society of the United States, visit their website, and potentially consider donating to their Animal Rescue Team by clicking here. Remember, we can all help report animal cruelty, if you suspect an animal in your area is being mistreated, check out our Animal Rescue Hotline directory to get help.

All image source: HSUS/Facebook