All dogs deserve wonderful happy lives and people who truly love and care for them. Grover, a dog rescued recently in Los Angeles, needs his happy ending without a second’s delay. After the horrors this beautiful dog endured, there can be no other finale to his story whatsoever – nothing but the absolute best.

Grover was found in an alley off West 70th Street in Shreveport by a woman who proceeded to contact the POLA Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing medical care for animals that would not receive it otherwise. The team from the foundation stepped in immediately and rescued the unfortunate dog who then spent the weekend at an emergency vet clinic before a move to the South Shreveport Animal Hospital. He had chemical burns on over 40 percent of his body, the most damaged being his stomach. He was also malnourished and incredibly skinny.

Gordon Calahan, a veterinarian who treated Grover at the hospital, stated that the dog’s burns were the most extensive he had ever seen… Grover had, however, some luck in his dreadful ordeal – his burns turned out to be primarily second-degree burns, which made the prognosis for recovery really good.

The dog was put on antibiotics, pain medication, and other designated treatment that would help him feel better and start his long road to recovery. A special cream was put all over his burns. 

The foundation put out a call for donations for those who are able and willing to help, since Grover’s treatment is going to be long and surely expensive. Thanks to the precious help from the kind people supporting his medication, he is now getting his second chance at life!

Just look at the amazing progress he’s made so far! Go, Grover!


When he is better and stronger, Grover will eventually need a foster home – or, preferably a forever one, full of love and warmth. You can receive an adoption application from the POLA Foundation by reaching out through Facebook.

The POLA Foundation team is determined to find the person who abused Grover. The organization has filed reports with the police and animal services and, according to Susan Votaw of the foundation, they plan to offer a reward for information in the case.

To learn more about the POLA Foundation, click here.

All image source: POLA Foundation/Facebook