When Chi Chi was found in a South Korean meat market, she was in horrific condition. Rescuers believed that the Golden Retriever’s legs were bound so tightly while being hung upside down day after day in the meat facility, that the skin on her legs rotted off. Chi Chi had no choice but to have all four of her legs amputated. Despite this, however, she has continued to prosper by leaps and bounds.

Chi Chi’s story of survival has not only inspired countless people but it has also brought much-needed awareness to the cruelties of the dog meat trade. Since being rescued, a lot has changed in Chi Chi’s life, including being adopted by the Howell family, who has encouraged her to take on a new role – as a therapy dog.


According to Chi Chi’s human sister, Megan Howell,”We’ve always had this dream that she could impact people in our community through her inspiring others and her story.” In just a short amount of time, that dream has already come to fruition. Chi Chi’s mom Elizabeth Howell reports that she has already visited an Alzheimer’s facility, elementary school, the VA hospital, and an acute rehab facility.

Chi Chi is definitely a dog with a purpose and her family wants to make sure she can continue to pass on the compassion that was given to her. This includes fitting her with a new, more modern pair of prosthetics so she can move around to her fullest potential. A specialist from Virginia will be working on this

To donate to the purchase of new prosthetics for Chi Chi click here. To follow Chi Chi’s journey click here.

Image Source: Richard Howell/ Go Fund Me