We can’t bear to think how awful life must have been for this beautiful Labrador Retriever, now named Perla. After receiving a call from a concerned citizen, Eldad and Lisa from Hope for Paws set off to help. It was reported that this precious dog had been abandoned and based on her physical condition, they knew why. Perla had been used for breeding and like with many puppy mill mamas, she was discarded like trash when she stopped being useful – or profitable, rather. Thank goodness things were about to change

When the Hope for Paws team arrived at the location, they spent a lot of time gaining the pup’s trust and calming her nerves. They could see in her eyes that she wanted to be helped and loved. With the assistance of a kind local, Perla was successfully rescued and transported to the vet to be examined. After a few weeks, she finally got her happy ending – a loving, safe, and happy forever home.


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