Life for homeless dogs and cats is difficult to begin with, but when you factor in conditions like blindness or any other disability, chances of survival are even more daunting. The elderly blind pup in this video is a tragic example of what sort of challenges homeless animals can face.

According to the video, the dog was out searching for food in Bosnia when he fell into an open well pit. The poor dog was trapped for weeks with no way out and only survived thanks to the kindness of local children who would visit him and feed him scraps.


No one in the community was willing or able to save the dog, so rescuers from the Harmony Fund had to drive for hours to reach the scene. The poor dog had been living in the well for nearly a month, but thanks to these amazing individuals, his days of fear finally ended!

Once he was safe and sound, the dog was named Christmas and taken to the shelter to find a loving forever home.

To learn more about this incredible organization, check out their website here.