Nightmares are awful. Period. Our imaginations often get the best of us and put our unconscious selves into some sticky situations as we sleep. We can twist, turn, and sweat (don’t deny it!) all we want, but escaping our sleepy fears often falls short in these unrealistic scenarios.

Luckily, when Jackson the dog starts kicking at bad guys (or maybe just a cat who won’t let him use the bed) in his sleep, Laika is there to save the day! When Laika sees her best pal in trouble, she acts as a makeshift alarm clock and startles her friend back to reality by jumping on him. She then comforts Jackson by snuggling him on the couch.


Just look at how precious these two cuddle buddies are! We definitely wish we had a good friend such as Laika to help us get over our bad dreams through the power of cuddling. It’s just too cute!