A dog raised by cats? Yep, you read that right!

Tally is a husky-malamute mix who was adopted by Imgur uploader xilinnea two years ago. While Tally is certainly a beautiful dog, what makes her extra special is where she came from – a home where cats helped raise her.


Interspecies families seem increasingly common these days thanks to the Internet, where these types of relationships are always fan favorites. Tally’s story is one of many that is now available for all to enjoy, and it has helped her land quite an Internet following.

Since Tally was raised with cats around, she naturally developed a number of typical “cat” behaviors. She loves playing like any other dog; however, she sometimes seems to believe she is smaller than she really is. What’s more, she thoroughly enjoys watching people, and as xilinnea writes, she “silently judg[es] them all day.”

Let’s take a look at some of Tally’s cat-like moments throughout her life so far with the photos below, courtesy of xilinnea who first posted them on Imgur.

From an early age, Tally identified as a cat more than a dog.

She often got herself into boxes…

…and took long naps, just like a little feline.

She has carried many of these behaviors into her adult life.

She still loves boxes…

…and napping every which way…

…stretched out on the floor…

…and spread out on the couch.

She also enjoys the occasional stair-block…

…and, of course, staring out the window at passersby.

How wonderful it is to be a “cat”!

All images: xilinnea/Imgur