“But daaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I’m sleeeeeeeeping!” We can only imagine that’s what this dog is trying to say in the midst of all these crazy sounds he’s making. We’ve all made weird muffled grunts in protest of getting out of bed in the morning … and have said some pretty strange things when being woken up, but this is a whole new level.

A whole new level of cute, that is.


This pup just wants to do what we all want to do, spend the day in bed cuddling with his favorite humans. Who can blame him for that? Some might say he’s grumpy, but we think he’s just fighting for what he wants and what he wants is snuggles. More power to ya, pup. Really. As much as he doesn’t want to wake up, he’ll settle for being awake and snuggling with his parents. Sometimes you gotta fight for what you want and sometimes you just gotta compromise. It’s all a part of life.