When people hear the word “rat” they usually think of dirty rodents who carry disease, dart in and out of dark alleys eating garbage, and bite people. Because of this stereotype, people often shriek at the sight of rats, are generally disgusted by the thought of them, and if they happen to find one in their house, they don’t wait long to put together a plan for their execution. However, the reality of the matter is that rats can actually make great pets. Rats are cuddly, affectionate, and can even learn tricks! Riff Rat, the rat in the video above, for instance, is adored in his home, not only by his human guardians but by a therapy dog named Osiris also.

Osiris loves to groom his furry little friend, and Riff Rat seems to be enjoying every minute of it, as well. This video is not only proof that friendship truly knows no bounds, but that rats deserve love just as much as any other animal. If you agree, share this post!