When rescuers from Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) found Duffy in a corner of a dark and dingy puppy mill, he had been so neglected that he was unable to walk, and he was near death after suffering from cruelty and abandonment. Rescuers were unsure if Duffy would ever be able to walk again, or if he would even make it to see another day. Duffy, however, had plans to live. Given food, water, and love, this sweet pup is now healthy, happy, and safe in his new forever home.

Duffy was just one of 57 animals rescued that day who have gone on to lead better lives. HSUS said that many of the dogs they found were tied up outside in the freezing cold, some with icicles actually hanging off of their fur. Animals like Duffy would never get a second chance at life if weren’t for organizations like HSUS.


One of the most important things you can do to help companion animals is to never buy the from  pet stores. Many such animals come from cruel puppy mills, similar to where Duffy was found.  Why support treatment like that when you can be a hero to a homeless shelter dog or cat and receive a lifetime of love from them in return?